Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Luxe Box 2013

This past week, I received my Fall Luxe Box!

Here is a peek at what I received:

I received  the following 7 items this season.
  • FULL SIZE Cake Heavy Cream - $22.00
  • FULL SIZE Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Grapevine - $5.99
  • 3g Sample of Pixi Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black - $8.40
  • 50mL Sample of Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo - $5.67
  • 5mL Sample of Roses de Chloe - $8.50
  • 3mL Roller Ball Sample of Marc Jacobs Honey - $3.09
  • Loose Button Eye Shadow Brush - $19.00

Overall, again I am not overly impressed. I am very happy with the Cake Heavy Cream. My hands need some extra TLC this time of year, so I am very happy about receiving a good, thick hand cream to use! I am also very happy to received the Klorane dry shampoo. I have been using dry shampoo a lot lately and though I love the Batiste brand, I am definitely excited to try this! The eye shadow brush seems to be good quality (though the metal part of mine has a dent in it...) but I think that their price is a bit high on it! I do love the other brushes that I have received from Loose Button though, so I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of this! Two perfume sample in the same box was a disappointment for me. I'm not a huge fragrance lover, I tend to stick to my Lancome La vie est belle, which I am absolutely IN LOVE with! Not huge into experimenting with other scents...The Pixi product I am kind of indifferent about. I am excited to try it, but have heard bad reviews on it. Also, I have so many mascara samples right now that it'll be a while before I get to this one! The Cover Girl product is a miss for me as well. It's definitely not a colour that I would wear this time of year. All in all, not a bad value, but not my favorite products!

My dashboard on the website says that I was supposed to received different products. Has this happened to anyone else?

Monday, October 14, 2013

September TopBox

September's TopBox came and I was just okay with it this month. Nothing overly special.

Here is what I received!

  • A 4.5g sample of Cover FX Matte Setting Powder in the shade Light - $14.40
  • A 3mL sample of Kerastase Elixir Ultime - $1.30
  • Two 0.2g sample of Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme Eye Shadows in the shades Sunrise Peach & Vert Enchante - $0.96
  • A 2.8mL sample of Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara - $5.34
  • A 1.5mL sample of Katy Perry's Killer Queen eau de parfum - $1.77
  • The September edition of Chatelaine Magazine
  • A coupon for 8 000 Shopper's Drug Mart Points with the Full Size Purchase of the Katy Perry Fragrance
TOTAL VALUE: $23.77 +

For me, the Cover FX Setting Powder made the box. If it hadn't been included or had of been a different shade, I would have been very disappointed! I have had a sample of the Kerastase Elixir Ultime before, and enjoy it. The eyeshadow samples, the mascara samples and the perfume sample are all kind of underwhelming for me. So over, not really impressed this month!

October Topbox : Murale

This month's Topbox was Murale themed. There seem to be several variations of this box. All seem to have pretty good products and pretty good value! Even though my box doesn't have as high of a value as most of the others, I am still quite happy!

  • A 100 mL sample of Bioderma = $8.80
  • A 15mL sample of Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream = $3.80
  • A 5mL sample of L'Occitane Immortale Precious Eye Balm = $5.80
  • A 10mL sample of Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream with Arctic Berries and Peptides = $13.88
  • A coupon for 10 000 Bonus Optimum Points with any $75 purchase from Murale
TOTAL: $ 32.28+
I am very excited to try out the Bioderma! I have been wanting to try this product for a while now! Also, the hand & nail cream sounds nice, and it's something different! The Eye balm is great for travel and the Skyn product sounds interesting. TopBox did much better for me this month!

Bonus Chatelaine TopBox

Yesterday, I received my Bonus Chatelaine TopBox, for subscribing for a year to the magazine. 

  • A6.5mL sample of Benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Gloss - $8.23
  • A 5mL sample of Clinique All About Eyes Cream - $12.33
  • A 5mL sample of Lise Watier Teint Age Control Supreme - $8.00
  • A FULL SIZE (150mL) Wella Professionals Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray - $14.00
TOTAL VALUE: $ 42.56

Though the value of this box is quite high, I find it underwhelming again. The full size product is nice and the variation is pretty good however, I have already received the Benefit sample in a previous box and it seems like TopBox just used leftovers to fill these Bonus boxes. I contacted them about the repeated product and they were great and said that a replacement would be sent with my November box! So that is exciting! I received an eye cream in my October Murale box and the Lise Watier product seems quite dark for my very fair skin, but we'll see! All in all, not a flop, but not as good as my Murale box!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


1. Anatomicals: You need a blooming shower! Your nose smells rose body cleanser
I received this in one of my Glossy Boxes. It was okay. The scent was nice, but very strong. It made my eyes water in the shower. I probably wouldn't repurchase this.

2. The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel
This was a really nice scent and a little went a long way! I would definitely recommend this product! The scent was really nice & summery! I will probably repurchase this!

3. Cake Beauty Citrus Squeeze Better Bod Rub
I LOVED this product! It made my skin feel really soft and moisturized and the scent was really nice! I will repurchase this if I can find it again!

4. MaskerAide hydrating facial sheet mask "Pre Party Prep: Brighten, Prime & Energize"
I received this in one of my TopBoxes and had high hopes! Unfortunately I really didn't like it! It didn't fit my face right (it was way too big!) and it kept falling off. I really didn't notice much a difference in my face after using it. I would not repurchase this. 

5. Clinique eye make-up solvent
I received this in a TopBox. It was okay. It took off my make-up quite easily but left my eyes slightly stinging. I wouldn't repurchase this product.

6. Alessandro Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm
I received this in a GlossyBox. I really liked it! It was very hydrating and had a nice, minty scent. I would repurchase this if I come across it, but wouldn't go out of my way to find it.

7. Macadamia Healing Hair Oil Treatment
I received this in a GlossyBox. The scent is SO nice and it left my hair feeling hydrated and smooth. I never had fly-aways or frizz! I loved this product and will repurchase is on my next trip to the states! (I don't think you can get this around here, except for maybe Winners)

8. Neutrogena All-in-One Make-up Removing Cleansing Wipes
I received these in a GlossyBox. These were pretty good at removing make-up, but did leave my eyes slightly stinging. They dried up really quickly. I may repurchase these for travel, but that would be it!

9. John Frieda Sheer Blond Go Blond Shampoo & Conditioner
I found this scent to be too strong for me. I did notice that this lightened my hair a bit, but nothing too over the top. These were nice, and I may repurchase them in the future if I go back to using non-organic hair products.

10. John Frieda Sheer Blond Everlasting Blond Shampoo & Conditioner
I liked this scent much better that the Go Blond version of these shampoos. Again, these were nice, and I may repurchase them in the future if I go back to using non-organic hair products. I would be more likely to repurchase these than the Go  Blond version.

11. Benfit They're Real! Mascara
I received this in a TopBox and LOVED IT! It was my first higher end brand mascara and I really liked it! It gave my lashes a lot of volume and length. I really like the wand on it too. I have since received more sample sizes of this products and will continue to use them! I really like the size of the sample. It is enough to use before expiring or drying up!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Regular TopBox

It`s that time again! My August TopBox came. This month I was really debating between getting the GlamGlow Privé Box again or getting the Regular TopBox...I ended up choosing the Regular TopBox, and I chose wrong! Oh well! Here is what was in my box!

  • A 15mL sample of Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion + - $5.10
  • A 3g sample of B.Kamins Lip Balm with SPF 20 - $4.55
  • A FULL SIZE (9g) of Avon Mega effects mascara - $12.00
  • A 15mL sample of MIYU Teas & Beauty De-Stress Mi Beauty Essence & De-Stress Mi Beauty Tea - $6.38

For me, this box wasn't overly exciting. I could live without ever receiving another B.Kamins sample...This is my third sample of their lip`s good, but nothing special. The mascara is just weird. I think it would be a very time consuming element of my morning make-up routine...which means I probably won`t use it and will stick to my regular mascara. The Clinique cream will be interesting to try, I haven`t used a face cream by Clinique before, but it's not something that I was excited to receive...The only thing that I kind of like it the MIYU facial mist. I don't currently own anything like this, the scent is really nice and the packaging is really nice too. The added sample of tea was nice as well, this is the first time that I received any kind of  'extra' in a Topbox. We'll see what next month has in store, hoping for something better! We'll see!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BzzzAgent: Crest Pro-Health Bzzz Campaign

I was chosen for another Bzzz Campaign! Yay! this time it's for Crest Pro-Health. Here is what was inside of my BzzzKit!

Inside were the following:

Oral-B Pro-Health Toothbrush with Cross-Action Bristles 
Crest Pro-Health ProFresh Toothpaste
Crest Pro-Health Muti-Protection Mouthwash 

I'm always looking for ways to keep my teeth cleaner and whiter, so I am very excited to try these products! This BzzzKit was a bit different than other that I have received, because it actually cost $1. Still a great deal though!

July TopBox: GLAMGLOW Prive Box

My July Topbox came! A bit late, but great none the less! This month I opted for the Glam Glow Prive Box and I was so happy to receive it! Here's what was inside:

  • 2.1mL of the Supermud Clearing Treatment = $4.03
  • 15g of the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment = $21.00
  • $10 gift card for
             TOTAL VALUE: $35.03!!

This month's value was awesome! I love that I received a high end product and am really looking forward to using it! I am torn with my choices for next month's Topbox. This box is an option again, minus the $10 gift card for think I'll try it out and go from there!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Luxe Box 2013

My Summer Luxe Box came yesterday! This season there were a number of upgrades that you could choose from, but I decided to go with the regular Luxe Box and am very happy that I did! Here is what I got!

  • 4 Knotties = $8.00
  • A 7mL sample of Donna Karan Woman eau de parfum = $14.70
  • A 3mL sample of Kerastase Elixir Ultime = $1.30
  • A FULL SIZE Olay Total effects 7 in One CC Anti-Aging Cream with SPF 15 = $22.99
  • A 3.5mL sample of Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black = $8.31
  • A 3ml sample of Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 for eyes & Lashes = $9.00
  • A FULL SIZE (60mL) of Barefoot Venus Coconut Kiss Macadamia Oil Hand Cream = $5.99
  • A Loose Button Foundation Brush = UNKNOWN VALUE

TOTAL VALUE: $70.29+

Overall, I was very impressed! The Knotties are very similar to the ones that i received from Julep and I do like them. I'm not a huge fan of perfume samples and this one is least it's a nice size and a pretty good scent. I love the Kerastase products! I think I have received one in each of my past Luxe Boxes. I love this sample size too, great for travel! The Olay product is new and hasn't even launched in Canada yet, it's pretty awesome to be one of the first Canadians to try it out, & it's FULL SIZE! Well done, Luxe Box! I'm always a fan of mascara samples. I find that I can actually use the sample sizes up before their 6 month expiration, and have never tried the Clinique mascara before. Also, definitely a fan that the sample came in black! The Vichy product is kind of "blah" for's okay, I'll use it, but not something that I would ever look to buy. I LOVE the scent of the Barefoot Venus Cream. I just want to eat it! I have never heard of this brand and really want to try more of their products! Seriously, it smells SOOOOOO good! The foundation brush is another "blah" product. It's nice to have, but I prefer my beauty blender.

A great box! I do really like Luxe Box and now comes decision time! My annual subscription is up! To re-subscribe or not to re-subscribe - that is the question!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Michael Todd Eye O Sonic

I saw this product on living social and couldn't pass it up! I first heard of Michael Todd products through Top Box. I received one of their exfoliating scrub samples and fell in love with the brand! The texture was perfect and the scent was heavenly! This gave me the itch to buy more from this company. When I say the Eye O Sonic on living social I tried to do some research and really didn't find much of interest, so I caved in and bought it to discover for myself! I used a promo code and this only ended up costing me $18 + $5.95 for shipping. Not bad for something that was regular $107.00!

I have very sensitive skin and was a bit worried, but this cream did not break me out! I have already noticed a difference in my eye area. The skin around my eyes is much more hydrated and my sun lines are becoming less noticeable. This product is so easy to use and definitely doesn't make putting on eye cream more of a hassle or more time consuming...instead it makes it easier and it feels really nice. The vibrations of the Eye o Sonic are quite subtle and relaxing. I would definitely recommend this product!

Julep Warehouse Sale

Juelp had an amazing warehouse sale, so of course after skipping the last few months, I splurged! Here are my goodies!

I ordered the following:

  • Feet 101 - $6.00 (The Best Pedi Prep Ever, Kylie, Toe Separators, Foot File)
  • Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener - $ 5.00
  • Emeral Druzy Neckalce - $3.00
  • Smoky Grey Jeweled Necklace - $5.00
  • Exclusive Make-Up Bag - $5.00
  • Grapefruit Galore - $6.00 (Grapefruit Body Scrub, Grapefruit Body Frosting, Exfoliating Mitt)
  • Sun Kissed Skincare Set - $5.00 (Daylight Defense SPF 30 Face & Hand Cream & SPF 15 Lip Balm)
  • Hand & Cuticle Stick - $5.00
My total came to $40.00. I did order the Hand & Cuticle Stick separately and am still waiting on that package. I did not received the Grapefruit Body Frosting in my package, so I'm hoping that it comes with my Hand & Cuticle Stick. I have already contacted customer service though and am waiting on their reply. What a great haul for $40! I really am more fond of Julep's products than their polish, don't get me wrong I love their colours, but I'm a bit on polish overload right now! 

Did you buy anything from the warehouse sale?

Jewel Mint 3 Piece Mystery Box!

I had a credit left in my Jewel Mint account and have been waiting for a mystery box to use it! I got a 3-piece mystery box and here is what was inside!

I was very happy to have received a nice variety! One chunky necklace....that I definitely wouldn't pick out for myself, but will probably wear. A set of two two-tone bracelets which are very wearable, but seem to be cheap quality and a pair of earrings that I'm not overly fond of. All in all the mystery drew me in and I did get my money's worth. After all, 3 pieces are better than 1, right?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June Topbox 2013

I received my Topbox earlier this week and was quite pleased with the contents. Not jaw dropping, but definitely not a disappointment either! Here is what I received:

Belvada Mini Eyelash Curler - $ 5.99
Benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss -$8.23
Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lahses Mascara - $24.00
Pari Colour Cubes in Colours #12 & 17 - $12.00

TOTAL VALUE: $50.22!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Canadian Wantable Make-Up Box

I received my Wantable Make-Up Box today! They have just introduced this subscription to Canada and we giving away some free boxes to Canadians...well almost free! I just had to pay the shipping, which came to about $16...but it would have cost me about $52. Anyways, here is what was in my box!

  • Three Custom Color Brow Powder in color #3 ~ $22.50
  • Manna Kadar Blush in Orgasmic ~ $19.00
  • FACE Stockholm Pearl Eyeshadow #41 ~ $19.00
  • Bésame Cosmetics Lipstick in Carmine ~ $22.00
  • Frownies ~ $0
TOTAL VALUE: $ 82.50

I'm not crazy about this box. It was nicely packaged and very suited to my tastes, but I haven't heard of any of these brands and they're kind of boring products, but good staples to have I suppose. The product that i am most please with is the Lipstick. It has beautiful packaging, a lovely scent and it a really nice colour. The blush has a nice, subtle shimmer to it and the brow powder is nice too, but I am a bit nervous that it may be too dark for me! The eye shadow is kind of boring, I don't think I'll be using it. Overall a great box! But I won't be continuing with this subscription as it is too expensive.

Monday, May 20, 2013

May TopBox 2013

My May TopBox came last week and I'm not crazy about this box, but not totally disappointed either. I guess it was just kind of "meh". Anyways, here what was in my box:

  • FULL SIZE Cuccio Nail Lacquer in Longing for London ~ $10
  • A 1.5mL Sample of Lise Watier Haute Coloeur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in Stylista ~ $5.75
  • A Yaby Eyesahdow Refill in Copper Wire ~ $3.15
  • A 30mL Sample of Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Shower Gel ~ $42


A good value, however the most valuable product is something that I'm not happy with. I received the same perfume sample a few months ago in a TopBox and hated it. I ended up giving it to my mom when she went down south to leave for the maids. This is something else that I will be trying to get rid of. Definitely not my taste. The nail colour is nice, but honestly because of Julep I am kind of over getting nail polish in these boxes. I have too many as it is and need to use them up! The Yaby doesn't excite me either. The colour is okay, but I don;t have a Z-palette and don't care much for loose shadow pots. The only product that I am happy to receive is the Lise Watier lip colour. It's really pretty, not sticky and a colour that I don't presently have and that will be great for summer!

Overall, I'm not overly impressed, I'll see how next month goes. If I continue to be unsatisfied, I think that I'll unsubscribe.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 2013 Empties: Product Reviews

This month, I finished a lot of products!

1. Simple Eye Make-Up Remover
I received this as a free sample and actually really liked it. It didn't irritate my skin or eyes at all. It lasted quite a while, a little goes a long way! I might repurchase this after I use up the rest of my eye make-up removers.

2. Lancome La vie est belle Eau de parfum 
I received this as a free sample and fell IN LOVE with this scent! I have actually already purchased the full sized version of this. It smells SOOOO good!

3. Julep Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting
This smells so good and the consistency is amazing! It is nice and thick and lasted me quite a while. I will be repurchasing this for next winter.

4. Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener
This has been a miracle cream for me! I have severe eczema and this made my hands SOOO smooth! It was amazing! I will be repurchasing this for next winter.

5. L'Oreal Mythic Oil
I received these samples in my TopBox. They were pretty good, they didn't weigh down my hair and left it quite shiny. I might repurchase this when my other hair oils run out.

6. Kerastase Cristalliste
I received this hair oil in one of my Luxe Boxes. It also didn't weigh my hair down and left my hair looking shiny. I did prefer the mythic oil to this oil.

7. Moroccan Oil Light
This small bottle lasted me months! It left my hair shiny and tangle free but I did find that it weighed my hair down (even though I purchased the light version!) I may or may not repurchase this product.

8. Yes to cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial  Towelettes
These had a mild scent, but left my face feeling clean and refreshed. They didn't remove make-up easily, but did an okay job. I probably won't be repurchasing these.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Panty Fly : First Impressions

I received my first month of Panty Fly this week. It is another monthly subscription service Where you can either pay $7 each month for 3 pairs of underwear or $15 for 3 months of 3 pairs of underwear. They have 3 different packages to choose from: Barely There (Thongs), Sleek & Sexy (Underwear) and Mix & Match. I selected Mix & Match. Here is what I received:

All 3 pairs were American Apparel and from looking at their website, I would say that the value of these would be around $33! It is a great value! Plus, no additional shipping fees for Canadians! I am very happy with the variety and quality! I would definitely recommend this service!

April 2013 TopBox

This month I opted for the regular TopBox again. I really do like the surprise and the variety! Overall I am pretty happy with the contents of my box this month. Here is what I received.

  • Boxx Cosmetics Travel Size Foundation Brush - $28.00
  • Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye & Lip Makeup Remover - $12.00
  • KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry - $2.81
  • Michael Todd True Organics Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub - $5.40
TOTAL VALUE: $48.21!
I'm happy with the Boxx Cosmetics Brush. I it so soft and a great size for travel! Also, I don't have a foundation brush - I usually use my beauty blender - so I'm excited to now have one. As I mentioned in my LuxeBox review, I have been wanting to try the KMS product. I blow dry my hair almost every morning and would love if this product cut down on the time that it took me! I'm also happy with the Michael Todd Product. I smells so good and claims to be gentle on the skin! I guess the only product that was a let down for me is the eye & lip makeup remover. I opted out of the Elizabeth Arden Privé Box because the products didn't interest me, and I end up receiving one regardless. Oh well! It will come in handy when I finish my other samples of Simple & Clinique eye makeup removers! I also saw that some people received afull size Cake hand Cream! LUCKY! Overall, another great box! Can't wait to see what next month will bring!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

March 2013 Empties: Product Reviews

This post will review products that I have finished last month. There aren't many, but I have a lot of products that are close to empty for next month!

1. Bioré Triple Action Astringent
This product is something that I had't used in a very long time. I usually use Nivea toner, but decided to purchase this after receiving the Bioré Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser in a GlossyBox. I have very sensitive, dry skin and this product didn't harm my skin at all. I used it once a day and barely had any blemishes while using it. I will probably repurchase this product when I finish using my other toners.

2. Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion
I received this product in a GlossyBox and it didn't take me long to use up! This product has a very subtle scent, and moisturized quite well. It wasn't fast absorbing, but it did keep my legs feeling smooth all day. I love most Burt's bees products & the fact that they are natural products, but I don't think I would repurchase this product based on the fact that I have other lotions that work better for my skin.

3. Kérastase Elioxer Ultime
I received this product in my first LuxeBox and it took quite a while to use up. A little goes a long way. I have very long hair and one or two small pumps would be enough to make my hair noticeably more silky & shiny. This is a very similar product to Moroccan Oil, but I found it lighter feeling in my hair than even the Light version of Moroccan Oil. I will probably purchase this product when I finish my other hair oils.

4. Julep Acetone-Free Conditioning Nail Polish Remover
I love that this nail polish remover is acetone free. It takes nail polish off very quickly, leaving minimal damage to my nails. It doesn't have a strong scent. I have already repurchased this product & would recommend it to all polish junkies!

Luxe Box :Spring 2013

My Spring Luxe Box came! Yay! after not being impressed with my winter box, I feel like this box is better, but still not as great at my Fall box.

Here is what I received!

  • A Loose Button Blending Sponge - Unknown Value
  • A Fulle Size Pandora's Box Mascara in Black - $19.00
  • A Full Size Colorsmash Hair Shadow in Rags to Riches - $15.00
  • A Full Size No Bleeding Lips Lip Liner - $14.99
  • A 10mLSample of L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - $3.60
  • A 7mL Sample of Marni Perfume - $11.45
  • A 8mL Sample of Lancôme Génifique - $25.65
TOTAL VALUE: $89.69 +

Overall, I like this box. I'm happy to have received 3 full size products, some subscribers didn't get any, which isn't fair. I have a few of these blending sponges from other companies already, so I wasn't thrilled to see that in my box. Mascara is always nice to have, I'm so happy that it's black! I highly doubt that I will ever use the Hair's not very work appropriate and I`m not a teenager any more. I actually saw it in Sephora over the weekend and was shocked at how expensive it is!...The Marni Perfume smells like Christmas, in a bad way. Definitely not a scent that appeals to me! I am very happy to try the Lancôme product and the Hand Cream, but I am most excited about the No Bleeding Lips Lip Liner! Overall, these are all new products to me (minus the blending sponge), so I am happy to try some new products. However, I would have LOVED to have received the Moroccan Oil Body Buff, the KMS Quick Blow Dry Spray or the Eyeko Liner, but it's all luck of the draw! 

This season, the product variety was much better than my last box. Fingers crossed for the Summer Box to blow this one out of the water! I have an annual subscription to Luxe Box, so if the Summer Box isn't great, I`ll be unsubscribing! What did you get in your Luxe Box?

Friday, March 15, 2013

March 2013 TopBox

This month none of the Privé TopBoxes really interested me, so I opted for the regular TopBox. I really do like the mystery, the variety and the value of the regular TopBoxes! Here is what I received:

-A 25 ml sample of Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Cream - $5.25
-Two 3mL samples of L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil - $1.25
-A Maskeraide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask (Pre Party Prep: Brighten, Prime & Energize) - $4.99
-A Marc Jacobs Fragrances Sample Pack & Pouch that contained:
                   *A 1.5mL sample of Marc Jacobs Daisy - $2.24
                   *A 1.5mL sample of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh- $1.72
                   *A 1.5mL sample of Marc Jacobs Lola- $2.36

TOTAL VALUE: + $17.81

Some people are really disappointed that this box didn`t contain any make-up products, but I really like this box. It is a good variety of products and the sample sizes are good. I`ve gotten lots of make-up in the last couple of boxes, so for me this box was a nice change! I am really looking forward to trying out the Maskeraide mask! I also like that they included 3 different scents of Marc Jacobs fragrances, such a great way to see which I like best! I`m also really happy with the hair oil, I am almost finished of my Moroccan Oil and really enjoy trying samples from different brands. These small vials are also great for travel! I haven`t tried many Aveda products, so I'm happy to have gotten one. It has a nice subtle scent that reminds me of ginger. All in all, though the value wasn`t great, the variety made up for it!

If you would like an invite to TopBox,please leave your e-mail address below!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 2013 Julep Maven Box

My March Julep Maven box came this week! This month I chose the Bombshell profile again. My original profile was Classic With A Twist, but i really haven't been liking those boxes. I think that overall this is my favorite collection since I became a Julep Maven  in May 2013. I love the pastel colours! This month, the Bombshell box included the following:

I received the following:
  • Minnie: Warm pastel pink opalescent shimmer
  • Adrianna: Smoky pistachio crème
  • Rock Star Hand Crème: Anti-aging, emollient blend of shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, and vitamin E keeps hands hydrated, even after washing. This non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula will leave you cheering for an encore. Rock on.
  • Strawberry-Mint Lip Balm

This has been my favorite month in a long time! Julep definitely went above and beyond this month! I love the pastel colours so much! I have used Adrianna and she is lovely on the nails, I think I'll try Minnie later tonight!The Strawberry-Mint Lip Balm smells amazing and makes my lips feels so soft! I have been using my Julep Hand Brightener Lotion a lot lately and am very happy to replace it when it is all gone with this new Rock Star Hand Creme. Love this box!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Julep - Cupid's Mystery Box Feb 2013

My Julep Cupid's Mystery Box arrived last week! Here is what I received:

Camellia Lip Vernis

I absolutely love Carrie & Petra. The lip vernis is also a nice colour. It has a nice scent and texture too! Maria and Morgan look like they are going to be a bit difficult to apply, but they are nice colours. I am very happy with this mystery box! The only thing that disappoints me is that they were supposed to include a mystery holographic or a coupon for a free polish. As you can see, I didn't receive either. I guess I'll e-mail Julep and see what they say! I'm sure they'll make it right! Love this mystery box!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 2013 Julep Maven Box + add-on

My Julep Maven box came today! This month I chose the Bombshell profile for the first time. Also, this month I also chose an add-on for the first time ever! I chose Jane, a beautiful rose gold full coverage glitter, she is so beautiful! The bombshell box included the following:

I received the following:

What a month! Julep never ceases to amaze me. I love Ginger! It applies really nicely! I have also used the oxygen nail treatment. I has a translucent pale pink colour to it and it seemed to have helped my nails. In the bottle Jane looks more copper than rose gold, I'll  have to see how it looks on nails! Overall, another great month!

Happy Birthday GlossyBox Canada! - Feb. 2013

I received my GlossyBox today! This month is GlossyBox's 1 year anniversary. This will be my last GlossyBox (again!, haha)

Here's what was in my box!

A 3.5mL sample of  Givenchy Gloss Interdit in Coral Frenzy - $ 17.50
A FULL SIZE Essence Quattro Eye shadow in chic-ify - $3.99
A FULL SIZE pack (6 nose strips) of Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - $ 9.99
A FULL SIZE (30mL) Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment - $13.50
A FULL SIZE (150mL) Anatomicals You Need a Blooming Shower! : your Nose Smells Rose Body Cleanser - $3.00
A 1.5mL sample of Eucerin Hyal-Urea Day Cream & A 1.5mL sample of Eucerin Hyal-Urea Night Cream  - $ 1.11
A 5g sample of Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange: Eucalyptus & Sage Hand Therapy - $ 1.60
Glossybox Cupcake Wrappers - ???

TOTAL VALUE: $ 50.69 +

Overall, I'm really happy! The Givenchy sample and the Essence eye shadow are both a really nice colours. I do like Biore cleansing strips, but we received a sample in a previous GlossyBox. The Rose scented body scub smells amazing! The product I'm probably most excited about is the Macadamia oil treatment! I've been wanting to try more products from this line since I tried their deep therapy hair mask. The other packet samples are nice too! Inside the box, there is also a promo code for Save 25% using the code GB25. There are no products in this box that I am disappointed with (although I could have lived without the cupcake wrappers!), but I am still canceling my subscription. I just find it too expensive and I need to use up products that I have. Happy Birthday GlossyBox Canada!

If you would like to sign up for Glossy Box, use the code GLOSSY50 to save 10% on your first box!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

JewelMint Essential Mystery Box Review- February 2013

I received my JewelMint Mystery Box yesterday! Yay! 

I got the minimum of 4 items, and overall I'm pretty happy with it. I'm not over the moon, but I don't feel totally ripped off either. I was a bit nervous after reading a lot of blogs that said the mystery boxes weren't worth it...

Here's what I got:

My favorite piece if probably the red stone earrings. I don't wear a lot of red, so I don't have many red accessories and these are beautiful and seem to be really good quality.

My next favorite piece is this bracelet. I don't own anything like it, and the light pink & pearl coloured stones make it perfect for spring!
I was surprised to see belt in my box. I didn't even know Jewelmint made belts....I'm okay with this belt, I think it would dress up a simple black dress.

My least favorite item are the shooting star earrings. I like the colours, but feel that only a teenager could pull these off.
Did you get a mystery box from JewelMint? How did you like yours? Also, any Americans, make sure you enter my Havaianas giveaway!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Panty by Post

When I signed up for my annual LuxeBox subscription, I received a free month of Panty by Post. Loose Button had completely messed up my account and wouldn`t take care of ordering it for me, so I had to contact the company directly. They were so understanding and got back to me within 5 minutes! UNBELIEVABLE! This company truly has wonderful customer service! The product arrived within a week. It was nicely packaged and great quality!

January 2013 GlossyBox

I know, I know...I unsubscribed from Glossybox for a few months and got suckered back in because of the Ambassador program. I had enough GlossyDots to get a FREE I signed back up for two months. It always is exciting to get that pink box in the mail and here is what was in my January box:

A FULL SIZE Wella Professionals Mousse - $17.99
A teeny tiny sample of Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme - ??
A 25g sample of Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion - $1.91
A FULL SIZE Nivea Essential Lip Care product - $2.00
A FULL SIZE Curel Hand & Cuticle Therapy - $3.99
12 Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes - $3.13

TOTAL VALUE: + $29.02

This month the Glossy theme was skin nourishing products. Honestly it didn't really suit my taste, but it was okay....I guess. I have a ton of moisturizing products right now. This theme may have been more suitable before the cold hit us! I'm not wowed by any of the products. I have received the sanitizing wipes in the past. The Nivea product was kind of a dud for me, along with the Curel cream. The mousse smells amazing! Mousse isn't part of my every day routine, but I'll give it a try. I have never tried any products from Too Faced before, so I was excited to see this in my box, however the sample size is so ridiculously small. I guess I'm happiest with the Burt's Bees lotion, I have been trying out a lot of Burt's Bees products lately and they are really doing wonders for my skin! I'm sticking around for next month's box, Glossy Box's Anniversary Box! They released a video saying that the next box will include the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. I am super excited about received this product! I have tried the Deep Repair Masque, and it really is amazing!

If you would like to sign up for Glossy Box, use the code GLOSSY50 to save 10% on your first box!

February 2013: Topbox Privé - Benefit!

This month I received the Benefit Privé TopBox! Yay! I was so happy to be chosen to receive this box! Here's what I got!

A 7.5 ml sample of POREfessional - $11.59
A 8.9 g sample of Total Moisture Facial Cream - $7.76
A 2.5 ml sample of Benetint - $7.20
A 6.5 ml sample of Dandelion Lip Gloss - $7.80
A 3 g sample of Dandelion Wishes Brightening Face Powder - $15.43
BONUS: A paper sample of Fine One One
TOTAL VALUE: + $49.78

Before receiving this box, I had only tried 2 products from Benefit - They're Real Mascara & Hoola Bronzer. I was so happy to see such a wide assortment of products! This box has to be one of my favorite beauty boxes that I have ever received! Definitely loving TopBox's new Privé  boxes!
If you would like an invite to TopBox,please leave your e-mail address below!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My First JewelMint Purchase!

I have been eyeing JewelMint for a while now and finally caved in when I got an e-mail with a 70% off promo code (70FIRST), that meant that the piece I chose was only going to cost me $9.00 instead of the regular $29.99. However, because I live in Canada, I also had to pay $9.99 for shipping. So, $18.99 for a  nice piece of jewelry is still a good deal! I chose the Pave Premiere Earrings. The package showed up in a nice envelop, and the earrings themselves were in a beautiful little black box, tied with a JewelMint bow. So cute!

The earrings themselves are quite large and heavy, definitely great quality! I love that the box includes a brief description of the earrings. These are so glamorous and nothing like anything that I own. These are actually quite large earrings, even though the appear small in the photos,the box they come in is quite a large size.

I am very happy with this purchase! They are definitely good quality! JewelMint offers wide selection of pieces, so there is definitely something for everyone! They often put out promo codes though,so keepan eye out and definitely don't pay full price for your first piece! Also, once you purchase something from JewelMint, you are automatically subscribed to their monthly service. If you're like me and don't need another monthly service, but like to purchase items once in a while- don't forget to skip the month between the 1st and the 5th of each month, it's very easy to do! I also caved in and bought a mystery box from JewelMint. It was $29.99 (plus $9.99 for shipping to Canada) and guaranteed 4-10 items and a promo code. Hopefully I get lucky!

January TopBox Privé: Clinique!

This moth TopBox introduced their new Privé Boxes: a box dedicated to one brand. The brand itself was a surprise until the beloved tube showed up in our mailboxes! This month's brand was : Clinique! I personally always eye the Clinique products in the stores, but have never caved in and bought them. I have very sensitive skin and would hate to waste that kind of money on a product that I may only use once. 

Here's what was in my TopBox!

  • A 1.6g Sample of Clinique ColourSurge Eye Shadow Duo in 02 like mink 
  • A 60 mLSample of Clinique Eye Make-Up Solvent
  • A 60 mL Sample of Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 (Dry/Combination Skin)
  • A 7mL Sample of Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus (wrinkle & UV damage corrector)

These sample sizes are very generous and will give me a great feel for the brand! I am so happy! With this month's box! Next month they have 3 different Privé Boxes that you can put in for or you can choose to have the regular mixture of goodies! I only put my name in for the Benefit Privé Box, if I get it I'll be very happy, if I don't I love the surprise of the regular TopBox, so for me it's a win, win. :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Julep Mystery Wristlet!

Over the holidays, Julep had a different deal on for 12 days. On day 8 they had a mystery wristlet as their special deal of the day. Being a huge fan of the mystery boxes, of course I caved! In each wristlet you were guaranteed an essential cuticle oil and a value of $75 - $200!

Here is what I received:

Brandt $14
Hailee $14


Even though I definitely got the low end value, I'm still quite happy. The wristlet is a bit smaller than I expected, but it is made of great quality material and is exactly what I needed. I love the essential cuticle oil, so it's nice to have a spare for when I run out of the one I'm currently using. As for the colours, I love the suede finish Julep polishes, so I was very excited to see Hailee inside of my wristlet. I have been wanting Brandt for a while, and skipped out on the Trina Turk month, so I was equally happy to see Brant in my wristlet! Charlotte is a nice colour, and don't have another soft purple, so she's also a welcome addition. All in all, I'm quite happy with this purchase...I'm still on cloud 9 with my Gold Julep Maven Box though!

If you're not a Julep Maven, I highly recommend joining today! I think you can still use the codes 2815043, PENNY or JULEPVIP to receive your intro box for only 1 cent plus shipping!

Monday, January 7, 2013

January Julep Maven GOLDEN Box!

My  Julep Maven Box came today & to my surprise I received a GOLDEN BOX!!! Yes the box really is gold! I had such a hectic day that I didn't even notice, I was just happy to get my Julep box in the mail! This month's theme was neons & nudes. I decided to switch to the It Girl box, because I fell in love with  Amelia. To be honest I was more into the nudes than the neons, but now that I have the neon colours they are very pretty & wearable! 

Here is a picture of all my goods!

Inside I received the following:

A sheet of the new "Swatch Me!" Stickers (20 stickers)
3 Neon Hair Ties
A $25 Gift Card to Havaianas
7 Polishes! @ $14 each = $98


Pretty amazing!! I am so excited! I actually got this month's box with Jules, so this cost me absolutely nothing! I know it's greedy, but I'm kind of kicking myself that I didn't choose a different style because I really would like to try the product included in this month's boxes: Hand & Cuticle Stick. I am such a sucker for the products that Julep makes! Truth be told, I think I love them more than the polish itself! I'm still waiting for my Mystery Wristlet, hopefully it comes in later this week! Although, I can't imagine it topping this box! 

If you're not a Julep Maven, I highly recommend joining today! I think you can still use the codes 2815043, PENNY or JULEPVIP to receive your intro box for only 1 cent!

Thank-you Julep!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Julep: New Years Eve Mystery Box!

Over the holidays, I caved in and in addition to the monthly January Julep Maven Box, I also bought a NYE Mystery box and  Mystery Clutch. I have not yet received the clutch, but my NYE Box came in a couple of days ago. This Mystery Box guaranteed a minimum $100 value!

Here's what I received:

5 Polishes @ $14 each -  $70
(Mystery Glitter, LaurenAnnieCindy & Dendrie
1 Emery Board ~ Unknown Value

TOTAL VALUE: OVER $120.52 !!

Overall, I'm very happy this this box, I definitely got my money's worth! I love all of the polishes that I received  I only received one polish duplicate (Lauren), but I love the colour and actually only have half of my bottle left! I also really like the Pedi Creme, it's amazing! I still have half a bottle left from another box, but I'm sure it'll get used! I'm not every excited about the mascara, because it's brown. However, a lot of people rave about how good it is, so I'll definitely try it out!