Friday, August 24, 2012

Liquidation World Haul (Canada)

I love getting great deals on quality products! Yesterday, I definitely did just that! Check it out!

I got Lucky Brand skinny jeans regular $79.50, for only $20! They're in a nice grey-blue colour!

Also, I was very happy to see e.l.f. cosmetics! I have been eyeing the website quite a bit - they always have great sales on and their products are super cheap- but shipping to Canada is costly. I got two eye shadow palettes for $3 and $5, along with 3 liquid liners for $3 and 3 hypershine lip glosses for $3. These prices are true to the website, but no shipping fees! I also have several e.l.f. make-up brushes that I got from Dollarama. I have seen e.l.f. products at Winners stores as well, but not as much of a selection as at Liquidation World! I'm super happy with my purchases and excited to try out my e.l.f. make-up that I have seen so many bloggers write about!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Julep Maven Box Review : Boho Glam

My August Julep Maven Box came yesterday! I always love getting Julep mail! (or any mail for that matter!)

If you haven't signed up for Julep yet, use the code PENNY to get your Intro Package for $0.01 when you become a Julep Maven today! There are no catches, so no need to be skeptical! You can cancel after you receive your intro box, but most people fall in love with the products and continue with the subscription! I had intended to cancel, but am now hooked!

This month I decided to try out the Boho Glam style. The colours are very similar to the colours that I received in the July It Girl Box, but more metallic. I personally don't wear a lot of metallic nail polish, but I thought I'd give Julep's a try! This month the box also same with acetone free nail polish remover! Yay! I have been e-mailing Julep for months asking them to make a remover!

I tried out the remover today and I really like it! The pump bottle is ideal and it removes polish really easily! I even had some glitter polish on and it came right off! It has a really nice scent too! Which is always a bonus with nail products! My only complaint would be the size of the bottle, maybe they'll sell larger bottles to refill the small pump bottles? Overall, this is another Julep product that I LOVE!

For polish, I received Piper & Ilsa. I just applied Piper to my fingernails and have not tried out Ilsa yet. Piper is a really nice, kind of mermaid metallic. I used two coats, one was very sheer. I do find that you can easily see imperfections with this polish. Ilsa is so pretty in the bottle! It is very shimmery! I can't wait to try it too!

This month, the Maven boxes also came with a special gift. Each Maven received a reusable Julep tote bag, similar to the small sized Lululemon bag. It was a nice little gift!


Right now Julep is running a Mystery Box Promotion! $19.99 for $60-$200 worth of products! This month is a bit different, because you can pick the style of your mystery box! I personally didn't get a mystery box this time. After I hit the jackpot with my last mystery box, I didn't want to push my luck!  I'm hoping for a flash sale soon!

Last month, I was really disappointed with the colour Daphne, it's an okay colour, but when it arrived it looked nothing like the photos that were posted in their preview e-mail. I wrote Julep telling them that I switched boxes just for the colour Daphne and that I was very disappointed and, like Julep always does, they made things right! They allowed me to select a different polish colour and shipped it my way! I chose Georgia, and absolutely LOVE it! It is so beautiful! It shipped very quickly and they even included a sample of their Best Pedi Creme Ever! Julep's customer service is truly amazing! Just another reason why I love this company!