Friday, January 15, 2016

January BirchBox 2016

My January BirchBox came! Let's look inside!

This month's box included:
  • A FULL SIZE Cucumber Breeze Fiber Mask from BioRepublic
  • A 5ml sample of Dr. Jart+ Pore Medic Pore Minish Primer
  • A 75ml sample of Fave 4 Texture Takeover 
  • A 10ml sample of Juara Candlenut Body Creme
  • A sample of Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint in #2 Red

It also contained some stickers (which are supposed to be for the box, but I  like them for my planner)

I like this box, I think that is a nice variety of products and brands. I always love a sheet mask - can't go wrong! I have never tried a product from Dr. Jart before and have heard good things, so I'm looking forward to trying the primer. The texture spray is a nice size and is something that I currently don't have anything else like. The body cream sounds nice and the tint is a nice colour. Overall, a great box! I think that I am actually going to use everything in this box! Yay! Well done BirchBox!

January TopBox 2016

My TopBox came today! It was a nice treat at the end of the week! I actually just received my shipping information today and t arrived in the same day! This month, I received Box 7.

Here's a peek at what was inside:

This month's box included:
  • A 50g sample of Hask Macadamia Oil Hydrating Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - $1.77
  • A FULL SIZE Teeez rend Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick in Roulette Red - $28.94
  • 2 samples of SeaRX Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion - (unsure exact amount)
  • A 10ml sample of Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Antioxidant Hydrating Essence - $8.57
TOTAL VALUE: $39.28+

Is it just me or are the names of products getting longer and longer? haha! Overall, I found this to be quite an underwhelming box. I am probably most interested in the Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Essence. I can always use extra hydration - especially in the winter, so this product intrigues me! The full size lipstick is nice, but I already got this exact shade from Glam Sense. I did like i, but I don't wear read all that often, you can read my review of it here. The hair mask is something that I will definitely use. I think that I will be able to get 2 uses out of it, so I am looking forward to using it. I'm not sure what to think about the Birch Sap Moisturizer....the samples are quite tiny and have very little information on them.

I'm definitely not wowed by this month's box, but maybe next month will blow me away! One can always hope, right?

Saturday, January 2, 2016


I have accumulated a lot of empties over the past few months!

Hand & Body Care

1. Faith Aromatherapy Lemongrass Fennel Hand Soap:
I received this in a TopBox and I actually liked it. It has a light, fresh scent and made my hand feel clean. Nothing special, but it was nice.

2. Gillette Venus with Olay Shaving Gel - Violet Swirl  & Vanilla Cashmere:
I bought these from Costco and really like them. I prefer the vanilla scent to the violet. I am not fussy about shaving gels and will probably repurchase.

3. Dove Nourishing Body Wash in Pistachio with Magnolia:
I LOVE this body wash! It smells sooo good and leaves my skin feeling moisturized. I ave already started a new one!

4. Bioderma Gentle Shower Gel:
I received this in a TopBox as well. It left my skin feeling clean, but it was nothing special. No scent.

5. Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin:
I received this as a free sample. I found the scent to be a bit strong for my liking. It is supposed to be applied while your skin is still wet after a shower. I didn't find it moisturizing enough and had to follow up wit my body butter.

6. Barefoot Venus Vanilla Shake Mango Butter Bath Bliss:
This was a powder that when in a bath. It was so moisturizing and smelled so good! A nice treat!

7. Body Shop Body Butter in Almond:
I love body butters! This was my first time trying the almond scent and I quite enjoyed it! I would definitely repurchase!

8. Secret Deodorant in Paris Romantic Rose:
I really enjoyed the scent of this and I found that it kept me feeling fresh all day. I have already repurchased.

9. Body Shop Body Scrub in Brazil Nut:
This was a nice, abrasive scrub. It left my legs feeling soooo soft! I didn't enjoy the scent that much, but it worked really well!

10. Harvey Prince Hello! Shampoo:
This got placed in the wrong photo...oopsies! I received this in a BirchBox. The scent of this was very strong and for the price tag, I didn't notice anything special. I would not buy the full size.

11. Barefoot Venus Dry Body Oil in Pink Pepper:
I received this in a TopBox. I really enjoyed this body oil! It has a nice scent and was the perfect size for travel!

12. The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream:
This was a good hand cream. The size is generous and it left my hand feeling moisturized. I didn't like the packaging on this. It cracked and the cream leaked out. I would not repurchase unless the change the packaging.

13. L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream:
I received this in a LuxeBox. I have always wondered about this brand and was happy to try it. It was comparable to the Body Shop hand cream - pretty moisturizing. I found this scent a bit strong, and have repurchased in the Amande scent.

14. Josie Maran Whipped Argon Oil Intensive Hand Cream in Sweet Citrus:
This hand cream is AMAZING! I LOVE the scent and it is so nourishing for my dry, cracked hands. It is a bit pricey, but worth it! I have purchased a Josie Maran value pack with another mini of this!

Face Products

1. Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes:
I did not like these! They were way to rough on my skin and didn't take off my make-up well. I would not repurchase these. I actually bought another pack when I purchased this one and I am giving it away.

2. Balea 3 in 1 Cleansing Cloths:
 These are my favorite cleansing wipes! They are gentle and do a good job of removing make-up. I will definitely buy these again!

3. Marcelle Essentials Purity Soothing Cleaning Water:
This was okay - not as good as Bioderma though. It was gentle on my skin, but left make-up on my skin. I probably wouldn't buy this again.

4. Bioderma Micelle Solution:
This is the best! I love it for removing make-up, or just freshening up! I already have another!

5. Michael Todd Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub:
I was introduced to this when I received a sample in my TopBox years ago. I then repurchased. I love this scrub! It is gentle, but rough enough to get off any dry skin and it smells AMAZING! Plus 96% organic! I would love to buy another!

6. Vasanti Brighten Up! Enymatic Face Rejuvenator:
I received this in my BirchBox. This is another nice scrub, it was a bit more abrasive than the Michael Todd scrub, but still didn't irritate my skin. 

7. Vasanti Detox Nutrient-Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser:
I also received this in my BirchBox. I found this gentle on my skin, and it left my face feeling very clean. I didn't think that it did anythng special fr my skin though.

8. Paula's Choice Skin Perfectin 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid:
I received this in my TopBox. I liked it. It was gentle on my skin, but I didn't find that it did anything special that my cheaper Nivea toner doesn't do.

9. Michael Todd Honey & Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser:
 I LOVE this cleanser. It smells to good! It leaves my skin feeling so clean, yet hydrated. This is my favorite cleanser of all time!

10. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex:
This smells like old lady. I enjoy using serums at night, so it was nice to use, but not something that I would purchase.

11. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II:
I received this in a TopBox. It also smells like old lady. It has kind of a Vaseline type of texture and took a while to absorb into my skin. I still have another sample size to use up, but I would not purchase the full size.

12. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster:
This has a fresh, orange scent and absorbs quickly into my skin. It is probably my favorite serum! I find that it brightens my complexion. I am currently using another.

13. Glam Glow PowerMud DualCleanse Treatment:
I really like this! It is a mask, that turns into an oil wen you rinse it off. I found that it brought my blackheads to my skin's surface and that it left my skin feeling moisturized! I think that it's worth the splurge!

14. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores:
I like this! I would apply to it any breakouts and it seemed to calm them down and keep my oils under control.

15. Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream:
I have a few samples of this to use up, mostly from TopBox. I find it a good day cream, but i prefer a more hydrating cream at night. It absorbs into my skin quickly and leaves it feeling ready for the day!

16. Pur-lisse Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser and Make-up Remover:
I received this in a TopBox. I found it to be very gentle on my skin. I really enjoyed it! It did a great job taking off any make-up. It left my skin feeling clean and moisturized.

Hair Products


1. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo in Sea Buckthorn Berry:
I received this in a Topbox. I really liked the scent of this. I found that it absorbed oils well and left my hair feeling fresh and looking clean. It has a high price tag compared to my Batiste though.

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Clean & Classic Original:
This is my favorite dry shampoo. It is so affordable! It soaks up any oils and adds volume to my hair The scent is a bit overpowering at first, but I don't find that I can smell it all day. I have already purchased another!

3. Matrix Smooth Setter Smoothing Cream:
I received this in a TopBox. I LOVE the scent. It seriously reminds me of a hair salon. It kept my hair smooth and frizz free! I would definitely repurchase this!

4. Moroccan Oil Treatment in Light:
This bottle lasted me just over two years and I used it every time after washing my hair - a little goes a long way - Amazing! I like the light version better than the original as I find the original can weigh my hair down. This scent is amazing too! If they made a perfume of this scent I would so buy it!

5. Sebastian Liquid Gloss Defrizz Polishing Drops:
I bought this from Winners as an impulse buy and I actually quite enjoyed it. I found that it did help with "defrizzing" my hair and that it left it soft and manageable. 

6. Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment:
I received this in a TopBox. It was okay. It was a very small sample to get a real feel for it in my long hair. I wouldn't buy it based on this sample.

7. Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner:
I love these! They smell like banana and last a long time. The shampoo suds up well and the conditioner does a pretty good job at detangling my hair. Again. a little goes a long way with these. They last my husband and I just over 2 months. I have already bought more!

8. N4 Clarifying Shampoo:
I received this in a BirchBox. It did a good job at clarifying my hair. I got about 3 uses out of it. It takes A LOT of product to lather up my hair. I would probably use a drug store alternative instead of buying this.

9. John Freida FrizzEase Hair Serum & John Freida Thermal Protection Hair Serum:
These both absorbed quickly into my hair and left it feeling nourished. They are nothing that I am running out to buy, but a good products.

Make-up Products

1. B. Kamins BB Cream:
I received this in a LuxeBox. I really don't like it and finally decided to toss it. It oxidized big time on my skin and was very orange. I would never buy this.

2. L'Oreal Miss Manga Voluminous Mascara in Black:
I liked this enough. The wand is odd. Flexible at the end and it has quite a large brush. I found that it gave me volume, but easily got clumpy. I like layering this over a mascara tat separated and lengthened my lashes.

3. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper:
This is my favorite liner! It is so easy to apply compared to other liquid liners. It is a deep black shade. The brush applicator makes it easy to draw a thin line or go bolder. I finished my full size and my travel size (which I used on the go). I wear this everyday and have already bought another!

4. Stila Stay all Day Liner in Black & Dark Brown
This used to be my favorite liner, but after using the Kat Von D liner, it is so hard to go back! It is a bit of a glossier black, but still very dark. It is quite easy to apply, but not as easy as the Kat Von D. I really enjoyed the brown colour for a more natural look. It is a deep brown and softened my look compared to the black.

Masks & Foil Packets

1. Fruits & Passion Cucumber Face Mask:
I received this in a TopBox. I found it very soothing on my skin. It seemed to de-puff my face and hydrate my skin. I already have another to use!

2.  Rich Moisturizing Eye Mask:
I bought a box of these at Winner's. They sooth and moisturize my under eye area. I like them, but I don't think that they are any different from most eye masks.

3. Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strip:
This was sent to me as a sample to try. I like using these strips, but didn't notice a difference in the charcoal version.

4. BioreDeep Cleansing Pore Strip:
These are seriously amazing! I use these one every couple of months and they remove so many of my blackheads! I really like them!

5. Glam Glow SuperMud Clearing Treatment:
I really dislike the smell of this - but it works! I love the foil packet size of this! I use it to spot treat any breakouts and it seems to dry it up quite well.

6. Nivea Q10 Plus Serum Pearls:
I enjoy serums, but I found this one weird. These "pearls" didn't seems to burst and sink into my skin. I didn't really care for it.

7. Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate:
This smells like cinnamon and is green in colour, if you can get beyond that it is a good exfoliator. I think there are comparable ones for cheaper though.

8. Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum:
I enjoyed this, but I prefer the Ole Henriksen Serum. I think the smell is a bit off putting and I found it took longer to sink into my skin.

9. Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk:
 I really like this! It hydrates my skin without leaving it oily feeling - great for winter skin! I have already purchased the full size.