Monday, September 24, 2012

September Glossy Box Canada!

Much to my surprise, when I got home today my  GlossyBox was waiting for me! The boxes usually arrive at the very end of the month or the beginning of the next month, so this was a very welcome surprise!

My box is an E V1. Here's a peek of what was inside!

Inside were the following items:
  1.  A 40mL sample of Wella Professionals Mirror Polish Shine Spray - $12.99
  2. A 4mL sample of B. Kamins SPF20 Bio-Maple Lip Balm - $5.38
  3. A 12mL sample of B. Kamins Bio-Maple Body Lotion - $2.73
  4. A 17g sample of Dove ClearTone Anti-Perpirent - $1.51
  5. NYX Cosmetics: The Crimson Amulet Collection Make-Up Palette- $25
Total Value of Products:  $47.61
(The price values reflect the product sizes that I received in my GlossyBox.)

The Make-Up Palette was inspired by the movie Dark Shadows. Here's a peek of what's inside! It includes the following:

24 Eye Shadows, Black Liquid Eye Liner, Liquid Eye Shadow Base, 5 Blushers, Illuminator, 4 Lip Gloss & a Mirror

 I'm probably the most excited about the Make-Up Palette and the Hair Product. I think it's good that GlossyBox put some Canadian products in the box this month! The B. Kamins products don't seem to have a great scent or anything, but due to their price, I'm looking forward to sampling them! The Dove product isn't anything special for me, but it's a nice size to throw in my camping bag!

This month's box is worth quite a bit. There was a good variety of products, and it arrived before September was over! All in all, I'm pretty pleased! If you're interested in purchasing B. Kamins products, use the code GLOSBX to get 25% off your order! 
    If you want to try GlossyBox, use the code GLOSSY50 to save $1.50 on your first box!


    1. oohh!!!! looks good, I should have checked my mail today!!! Hope I get the same. Thank goodness the boxes are getting better.

    2. This looks like the best one so far. I sure hope we all get the make-up palette!! Thanks for sharing!

    3. I got it today and it's the same one, I'm very pleased too, what a great box! The NYX palette kinda made the box awesome, but anti-perspirant is always useful and so is body lotion. The lip balm seens really nice and the full size Wella spray - awesome! :)

    4. I didn't realize my points didn't redeem itself before I cancelled. First Glossybox I'm not getting and I'm missing out!

      Nail Art Couture

    5. Fellow Glossies, I agree that this box was one of the best so far! - if not the best so far! I've been using the make-up palette since I got it & like experimenting with all of the colours! So fun! Samantha, that's too bad, maybe try contacting the company? I've heard they have pretty good customer service!