Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Julep Polish Lovers Mystery Box!

I came home to my September Julep Mystery Box today! I love Julep mail days! When Julep was promoting this month's mystery boxes, they had two options: polish lovers or product lovers - I chose product lovers! I am such a huge fan! Their daily defense cream is my daily face moisturizer! (I was really hoping for another!) I've also heard great reviews about their newer make-up products and was hoping to try some out! When I picked up my box, I didn't think it was going to be anything amazing. It was very light, for products. This is what I received:

Inside my box was:
Julep Tote: ?
Total Value: $72+

All in all I'm pretty please with my box. I got a good value for my $20. I've been wanting to try out the cuticle oil, so that's probably what I'm most excited about! I also have been wanting the glass nail file, as I've heard great things about it! Yay! And I'm excited to try out the hand cream too, since I already have the scrub & my hands will definitely need the extra TLC when winter comes! The only things I'm not overly excited about are the tote & the fast dry top coast, as I already have both. However, both are good products to get doubles of, I just LOVE trying out new things!

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