Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July Topbox: Osis+ & Benefit

So this month Topbox made a booboo and sent me the Osis+ box by accident, they then sent me the Benefit box that I had wished for. I hardly ever have to deal with TopBox's customer service, but when I do, they are great! So, I ended up getting two boxes this month.

Let's start with the Osis+ box:

This box contained two items:
  • 125mL of Osis+ Twin Curl = $20.00
  • 50mL of Osis+ Magic = $22.00
 TOTAL VALUE: $42.00

Honestly I would have been happy receiving this by accident if I had curly hair, but my hair is pretty much pin straight, so I can really only use the Osis+ Magic, which I have been really enjoying! It smooths my hair (even in this humid weather!) without weighing it down. I really like it! As for the Twin Curl, I'll be finding it a new home. The value of this box is excellent.

On to the second box!

This box contained four items:
  • 2.5mL sample of Benefit Stay don't Stray in Medium/Deep = $7.27
  • 30g sample of Benefit They're Real! Mascara = $9.67
  • 7.5mL sample of Benefit They're Real! Remover = $3.30
  • 0.10g sample of Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner = $2.18
 TOTAL VALUE: $22.42

 I have tried the Stay don't Stray eyeshadow primer in light before, and like it. It takes me quite a while to go through eyeshadow primer, so this is a generous sample size. I am very air though, so I'll likely be giving this away. I love the They're Real! mascara. It is probably my favorite mascara, so this is what I found most appealing. The remover seems interesting. It is a new product that is supposed to "strip down waterproof make-up", we'll see! The Push-up liner was also appealing to me. This is another new product which is supposed to make applying gel liner easy. I've seen a lot of negative reviews of this product, so we'll see! I must say that all of these sample were quite small. Below, I photographed them net to a pen to give you a better idea of their size.

All in all, I am very happy to try some new products this month and to get another sample of the They're Real! mascara. Great month, Topbox! We'll see what next month has in store!

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