Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December TopBox!

I received my December TopBox two days ago and I have to say that I am pretty disappointed. After loving 3 of the 4 products included in my November box, this month I sadly love none. Also, I saw a lot of people got a special holiday wrapped tube, I didn't even get the option for the non-eco friendly version.

Here is was was inside.

I received the following items:

1. A 5mL sample of Chloé eau de parfum  - $ 7.67  
2. A sample of Ferro Cosmetics blush times 3 (cheeks, eyes, lips) in Bashful- unsure
3. A 20mL sample of Goldwell Sleek Perfection - $ 4.19
4. Two 3mL samples of Kellett Skincare Moisturizing Gel (Canadian Company) - $ 11.40

TOTAL VALUE: Over $ 23.26 

Overall, I am not very happy with with this box. I have only heard of one of these brands before (Chloé) and never really took much interest in it. However, since I have not tried any of these products or brands I do look forward to trying them out.

On the back of the packaging of the Chloé perfume, it said FREE sample. If I can get the sample free in a store, why am I paying to have it in my TopBox? I do like the cute bottle it came in, but would much prefer a spray top. It has a nice floral scent to it , but I'm not much for floral  When I visited the Kellett site, it said that the product that was sent to me was for adults with acne, I do not have acne, I have very dry, sensitive skin. So, I'm not sure why I received this product. I probably won't be using much of the Ferro product because it seems like it will be messy and there isn't a lot of product to try out. I will probably throw the Goldwell product in my over night bag and take it with me when I'm on the run. This is the only product that I am kind of excited to try out.

I hope TopBox steps up their game. I'm going to give the box a few more months and if the boxes continue to disappoint I'm going to cancel my subscription.

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