Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Glam Sense : Lise Watier HydraForce

When I saw that I was being sent a Lise Watier product to try, I was very excited! I haven't tried much from this line, but what I have tried, I have loved. I was sent a 45ml jar of the HydraForce Hydra-Protective Comforting Cream ($45 value) and a skin hydration measuring tool, which plugs into my phone and works with an app developed by Lise Watier Cosmetics. This cream claims to be a weatherproof moisturizer that keeps skin 3x more hydrated and the app in conjunction with the hydration tool are supposed to help proof just how hydrating this cream actually is.

I think that the hydration tool and the app are a great idea! It is a new, fresh take on product testing that I was not expecting. It was also really easy to use and fun. On the more scientific side of things, I found the tool to be quite inconsistent, though the hydration levels were always higher when they were on skin that had just been moisturized. Often I would place it on the same patch of skin and would get very different readings - maybe it was my error. Overall, my skin's hydration usually doubled after applying this cream (usually it would go from 30-35% before to 60-70% after) , which is pretty impressive!

When it comes to the cream, I like that it is in a glass jar - creams just feel more fancy when their jars are glass instead of plastic! The scent is a bit strong for my liking, but not too off-putting and it doesn't linger long. It has a light consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin. It leaves my skin feeling more supple and hydrated. I have only tried this at night so far, so I can't speak to how make-up applies over it. 

Overall? I really liked it! Do I think that it is the best cream that I have ever used? No. But it was fun to test out and I definitely enjoy it and will use every last drop!

To promote this product, there is a HYDRAFORCE SQUAD event being held on April 16th at the MicMac Mall, in Dartmouth, NS, from 12-5pm. You can test out your skin's hydration level and leave with a free sample! #getinthebubble

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