Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chick Advisor: Garnier Skinactive

I was so happy to be selected for the Garnier Skinactive Campaign by Chick Advisor!

Included were the following:

  • A FULL SIZE Miracle Anti-Fatigue Hydra-Gel Moisturizer ($24.99 Value)
  • A FULL SIZE Micellar Water ($9.99 Value)
  • A Mug + 50g of David's Blueberry Jam Looseleaf  Tea ($8.98 Value + Mug)
I'm assuming that the mug and the tea were additions made,to compensate for the delay in shipping. I LOVE both additions! I am a hug David's Tea fan and think that this mug is so cute! I also love that the moisturizer contains berry extract and they matched that with the Blueberry Jam Tea - so cute!

Let's start with the Miscellar water. I have tried several of these in the past and always go back to Bioderma (which is quite pricey, but worth it!). Actually, most micellar waters tend to be on the pricey side, but for $10 you get a lot of product here - 400ml! I love how simple this product is to use: just dampen a cotton pad and apply it to your face, it does't get any easier! This is also gentle and doesn't irritate my skin or my eyes and I have very irritable skin & eyes! This doesn't quite remove all of my eye make-up, I find myself having to use additional products to get my eye area totally clean. Also, I definitely have to use more of this product than my Bioderma, I don't find it to be as effective at removing my make-up. I like to use a damp, warm cloth to follow up after using this product, which I didn't have to do with Bioderma. Bottom Line: This is good for days you don't wear much make-up, but might not get all of your eye make-up off. This is good if you are on a budget but isn't quite as effective as other products.

On to the Moisturizer! Firstly, I like that the packaging has a pump & I love the claims : deep hydration, plumps out fine lines, works well under make-up. Yes, yes, yes! I feel like the pump dispenses too much product for me, also the scent is a bit strong for my liking- it isn't a bad scent, it's very clean smelling, just strong. I find that it does absorb well into my skin and it does hydrate well. Bottom Line: This moisturizer hasn't been anything amazing for me yet, but with moisturizers I feel like you see results over time and I can't judge that yet. I think that it is quite hydrating, but the smell is quite off-putting for me.

All in all I am super happy to try these products and enjoy them all. Are they my absolute favorites? No. But are they are good drugstore products! I also love the add-ons! So sweet! Thanks Chick Advisor!

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