Wednesday, August 3, 2016

BzzzAgent: CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte & Eyes

I was so excited to have been chosen or this BzzzAgent campaign!
 I haven't been buying much make-up lately (except for my TopBox) and have always liked the Cover Girl Brand. When I found out that I would be receiving a lipstick and a mascara from this new line, I was thrilled! I even got to select my shades! I chose Kitty Purry & Very Black.
The lipstick is actually a demi-matte. It isn't flat or dry. It actually feels quite creamy on the lips (probably because it is infused with butters!). I REALLY like this shade, it is easy to apply and so flattering. There are 11 different shades in total. Big thumbs up for this lippie! I saw it for $9.99 today at the Atlantic Super Store. Very affordable!

The mascara has a very different brush that I am not that big of a fan of. I find it is easy to get clumps with this brush and that it doesn't apply easily. I didn't get any flaking or smudging, but I didn't get a lot of volume or length either. It basically just defined my blond lashes. The Very Black shade is just that, there is also an electric blue option (Perry Blue) which could be fun. There are definitely other varieties of Cover Girl mascaras that I prefer. I also saw this for $9.99 today at the Atlantic Super Store. I think that I would pass on this one.
  • There is $1 off coupon here if you want to try these out for yourself!
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